Kedma Philippines’ Skin Care Guide to Healthy Skin for Busy Pinays

healthy pinay skin I am super obsessed with healthy skin. I remember how one time, while I was in the middle of a grueling morning commute, I saw a girl in a jeep with skin that looked so healthy, it’s almost glowing. It had the elasticity of baby skin and a smoothness that had alagang lotion written all over it. I kid you not, I have never felt so jealous in my life.

I have always blamed the stressful commute for my breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, and oily episodes – basically for my bad skin. But after seeing this random girl with super healthy skin (when she obviously takes jeepneys and endures Metro Manila pollution as I do), I decided I should stop making excuses. It’s time to step my skincare routine up a peg.

Kedma Philippines is my new go-to partner for skin care. But here’s a confession: while I am crazy over pretty skin, I am also not the most devoted when it comes to following skin care rituals. I abandon routines after the third day and I don’t even go near complicated regimens. Korean 10-step skin care routine, you say? No, thank you.

I usually work more than 10 hours a day, and 16-hour shifts are not unheard of. So sometimes, when the day had been especially busy, I would be content with using wet wipes to remove makeup at night. Not a healthy habit, I know. But wiping the day’s gunk out of my face is better than nothing, right?

Micellar water is another miracle worker for me. Since I have discovered it, I have never been without. I have tried many other micellar water brands, but Garnier is my holy grail – never gives me comedones nor does it break me out. It also helps my glaring pores appear finer. BUT if you’re like me who didn’t win the genetic lottery, you know that micellar water is not the be-all end-all of skin care. On top of huge pores, there’s also skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and fine lines, to think about.

Anyway, the bottom line is, given my crazy schedule and my ~*lazy*~ days, I needed a low-maintenance routine that still works to address all of my skin care problems. Long shot? Not really. Thanks to Kedma.

Like I mentioned earlier, on top of micellar water, Kedma skincare products now make up the most of my skincare arsenal and I’m here to tell you why.

A Bit of Background

For those who may not know, Kedma Cosmetics Philippines can trace its roots back to Israel. The brand’s first store opened in major cities in the US and soon after, it reached the Philippine shores.

I love Kedma Skincare Philippines because it features paraben-free products made from natural ingredients. Their key ingredients include sandalwood oil, orange extract, sesame oil, Dunaliella seaweed, (wheat) germ oil, algae extract, sunflower oil, and cacao seed butter.

If you seek a more luxurious pampering experience, their exclusive collection is for you. No more wondering how precious pearl or gold would feel on your skin: the line features products that are infused with some of the most precious materials that ever existed.

This collection carries products that are formulated with gold, which is said to lock in moisture and aid the skin’s collagen retention. Its pearl powder products are rich in amino acids that stimulate skin renewal through gentle exfoliation. Some products contain active ingredients from sapphires and rubies to stimulate blood circulation, reduce wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin. Think diamonds are just for the ring finger? Kedma definitely doesn’t think so, as they used the precious stone to come up with products that lift the skin and deeply nourish it. Impressive, right?

asian healthy skinLow-Maintenance Skin Care for Busy Babes

I love injecting luxury into my pamper time, but for practical reasons, I tried out Kedma Cosmetics Philippines’ basic skin care line.

Well, basic isn’t really the correct term, because even their standard collection still incorporates some pretty grand ingredients such as minerals from the Dead Sea and Element Q10. These contain promising antioxidant properties and work to protect the skin from the free radicals we expose it to daily (free radicals are the culprit behind sagging, dullness, dark marks: unhealthy looking skin, in general.) What I meant with basic is, they are lighter than most products, making them easier to apply and use on a daily basis.

Kedma’s Basic Collection features a full range of products dedicated to hassle-free body care. Here are some of the products I have tried so far:

Salt Scrub

(Lemongrass) – Worked well in sloughing off dead skin cells. I felt the difference after a single bath. That’s how effective it is. It made my skin smoother and softer with just one use. I had tiny bumps on my elbows and some chicken skin on my knee, and this helped improve the appearance of those bumps. It comes in various scents, and I’m looking forward to trying peach and honey next. It’s also available in vanilla and kiwi and mango.

Body Butter

(Lemongrass) – I’m a fan of layering products to make the smell last longer, so I’m glad Kedma offered the same scents for both the salt scrub and body butter. In terms the effects on my skin, it did help soothe cracking skin (especially on the knees and elbows!). It also worked to moisturize my perennially dry skin, which is a plus point for me. Its other scents include vanilla, mango, and kiwi.

Hand Cream

– As someone who makes crafts and jewelry for leisure, I have rough hands that sometimes make me feel conscious. This cream is among the few products that keep my hands silky soft. Some hand creams stop working after a bit, but this Kedma product makes my skin stay moisturized.

Foot Cream

– There is a Kedma product for the entire body. To be honest, foot cream did the bare minimum, which is to protect my feet from dryness and soften rough spots. I was expecting it to help treat the scaling or cracking a bit, but I later learned that they offered a separate product for that purpose (foot scrub), which I, unfortunately, didn’t purchase.

Anti-Cellulite Massage Soap

– Who knew soap can help you combat cellulite and help shape the body? Hats off to Kedma for a novel idea! I have only used the soap once and so far, so good. I’ll post another, separate review of this soap to update you with results (or maybe the lack thereof).

Yes, we all hustle hard every day, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about our skin. For you busy girls out there: try out Kedma’s skincare collection. You might just find your new best friend!

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