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About Kedma

Kedma is a luxury line of skin care formulas promising anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits. Each product is a gentle and decadent blend of natural ingredients, active properties, and Dead Sea minerals. Using today’s science and methods of production, the brand boasts a diverse collection, ranging from rescue remedies for all skin problems to daily beauty must-haves. Each set promises a royal treatment for restoring your youthful look. Founded in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 2006, Kedma has reached Philippine shores, sharing the anti-aging secrets of ancient Egyptian royalty.

What are Kedma formulas made of?

Dead Sea minerals are the star ingredients found in Kedma Cosmetics. To enhance their rejuvenating and revitalizing effects, they are blended with active properties and nature’s best ingredients. Kedma also has exclusive collections that feature gold, platinum, and hyaluronic acid – three powerful ingredients that make skin supple, radiant, and smooth. 

You’ll also come across a long list of seed oils, leaf, flower, and root extracts, natural butters, and Maris Aqua (Dead Sea water). To produce noticeable results faster, a bottle is also infused with unique, luxurious ingredients that are not only decadent, but also proven effective. These include vitamins, antioxidant-rich oils, oleic acid, amino acids, and polypeptides. Blended using modern techniques, the brand’s signature formulas help in treating skin problems, combat wrinkles, and restore moisture to the skin.

Moisture & hydration

The Dead Sea salts and extracts, peptides, and natural ingredients found in Kedma products help restore and increase your skin’s moisture level. Each bottle is also packed with rich extracts that hydrate your skin. The result is smoother and softer skin.

Collagen production

These high-end creams, cleansers, and concentrates are crafted to boost your skin’s collagen production. In a few days, you’ll quickly notice a more youthful appearance. The rich multivitamins and acids will help you achieve a firmer, tighter skin than ever before.


Kedma offers effective ways to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines instantly. The brand carries a specially-curated set of toners, creams, serums, peels, and masks that restore your skin’s elasticity, repair signs of aging, and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Kedma’s Facial Care Reviews


Kedma’s Dead Sea-based cleansers and toners effectively revitalize and nourish your skin inside and out. Take it from the Filipinas who’ve tried them. Read their reviews.


Get the healing and moisturizing benefits of Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts with Kedma’s decadent moisturizers. See the results by reading our reviews.


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Pamper your skin the way Cleopatra did and achieve a youthful look with Kedma’s Dead Sea-inspired facial masks. Read about our royal experience.


Guys deserve a royal pampering for their skin, too. Kedma’s line of facial care for men is specially curated to address their unique cosmetic issues.

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